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CosyWall Insulation has been installed in New Zealand homes since 2002. We are the leading experts in retrofitting dry fiber wall insulation in New Zealand. Over the last 18 years, we’ve continually worked to develop and improve our systems and processes and have worked to develop cutting edge technology which improves the efficiency and delivery of our service.


We're a member of the Insulation Association of New Zealand (IAONZ)

Just a few reason's why CosyWall is the right insulation for your walls.

Creates a healthier and safer home environment.

High performace, perfect for New Zealand homes.

Codemark certified with a 50 year guarantee.

Save money on your homes electricity bill.

What is CodeMark Certification?


CosyWall can be installed into most
external and internal walls including..

If your wall type is not listed here, we can probably still help. Give us a call to have a chat about your needs.

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