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5 reasons why you should consider wall insulation

1. Costs less to heat and cool your home

One of the many benefits of wall insulation in homes is the reduced costs spent on electricity bills. Wall insulation causes heat flow resistance, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer. Lowering the costs of heating and cooling can be done by having quality insulation in your walls, floors and ceilings. This reduces the heat transfer into or out of your home keeping the temperature right year-round. CosyWall provides quality wall insulation products that will benefit both you and your home. To learn more about wall insulation here.

2. Provides year-round comfort

Wall insulation provides year-round comfort for your home by creating a barrier that separates outside and inside air, keeping the temperature in your home consistent. In the winter, cold air enters your home through the walls, floor, and ceiling cavities. Insulating your home keeps the cold air out while trapping the warmer air inside. In summer, the reverse is also true. Warm air also comes through the walls, floors, and ceiling cavities. Again, insulating your home can trap the cooler air inside and keep the heat out to provide a comfortable home through all seasons.

3. Helps prevent condensation and mold from growing

Many New Zealand homes are cold and damp, primarily due to a lack of floor, ceiling, and wall insulation. Insulation can help reduce excess moisture in your home allowing for a warmer and dryer home, especially through the colder months. Installing wall insulation in your home will help prevent condensation and mold from growing throughout your home, making it a healthier and dryer place to live.

4. It’s low-maintenance and lasts a lifetime

After insulation is installed there is no ongoing maintenance required. It is an investment that will benefit your home and family for years to come without any upkeep. Most insulation products have a lifetime guarantee, when you insulate your home with CosyWall, you can be sure your house is set for the future.

5. Makes your home more energy efficiency

One of the important benefits that come from an insulated house is the amount of money you can save on trying to heat and cool your house. According to experts, heat loss without insulation is around 18-25% through the walls, 12-14% through the floor, and 30-35% through the roof. This shows that without insulation, your home is susceptible to fluctuating temperatures. This results in more money spent trying to keep a steady temperature through winter and summer. With insulation, the heat loss slows down to 10-15% for the walls, 10-20% for the floors and only 5-10% per cent for the roof. This decrease in heat loss is what helps cut down the energy you use to heat your home. Learn more about energy efficiency here.

Wall Insulation - Living Area

Insulation keeps your house cool in summer and warm in winter

Here’s why Insulating your home is one of the best investments you can make

Insulating your home is the way to go when it comes to creating a warm and cosy home year-round. Keeping it warm in winter and cool through summer means you can cut down the money spent on endlessly trying to heat your home. Insulation will slow the rate of heat loss through walls, ceilings and floors, trapping in the warmth in winter and keeping it out in the summer. Learn more about the benefits of wall insulation here.

CosyWall supplies insulation that

  • Slows down the heat movement through walls and building materials.
  • Prevents the cold from getting in or the heat from escaping, keeping you and your family warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Provides an energy-efficient way of heating and cooling your home, cutting down your costs.

Insulation is an investment that benefits your home both now and in the future by increasing the value and quality of your home. Once you have insulation, you will be able to enjoy the ease of keeping your home at the right temperature through every season. Insulation uses thermal resistance ( called the R-value) the higher the R-value the higher the thermal resistance in your home. Insulation works by trapping small pockets of air between fibres keeping your home at the right temperature. CosyWall strives to provide your home with quality, lasting insulation to create warmer, healthier energy-efficient environments by keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

The difference between having insulation Vs not having insulation in your home

Poorly insulated houses
  • Allows the warmth to seep through the building materials.
  • Bigger electricity bills.
  • 18-25% of heat is lost through the walls, 12-14% through the floor, and 30-35% through the roof.
Insulated houses
  • Insulated houses slow down the heat movement within your housekeeping it warmer or
  • cooler for longer.
  • It adjusts to the seasons for year-round comfort, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • 10-15% of heat is lost through walls, 10-20% for the floors and only 5-10% per cent for the roof.

Learn more about home heat loss here.

The New Zealand government now has regulations to keep your home up to minimum quality standards. If you’re starting a new build or renovating an old home, insulating your walls, floors and ceilings should be a top priority. CosyWall can help provide insulation that slows the airflow inside your house providing you with a more energy-efficient lifestyle year-round.

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