What does it cost to insulate my walls?

The cost of wall insulation can vary considerably depending on the size and shape of your home. The best thing for us to do is to send out one of our qualified and experienced technicians to take a look at your home and do a proper evaluation.

The best news about having CosyWall insulation installed is that once it’s installed in your home there’s no additional cost or expenses and it will last the life of the home.

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Will insulating my home save me money?

Having CosyWall Insulation installed in your home is probably one of the best things you can do for the health and wellbeing of your family.

Many customers find that a well insulated home actually decreases the cost of your monthly power bills. The major advantage of having wall insulation installed however isn’t the savings in money, but the health benefits of living in a warmer and dryer home.

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What finance or payment options do you have?

We understand that for many New Zealand families, finance is going to be tight over the next year as the country economically recovers. While insulation may seem like a luxury, having a warm and insulated home is one of the best things you can do for your families health and wellbeing!

One of the great things about the team at CosyWall is that they’re going to make your installation affordable. Our team will work hard to make sure we can get CosyWall installed into your home and win most circumstances, we can work with you to arrange the best finance option or payment plan to make your home warm and comfortable.

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Why choose CosyWall Insulation for your home?

CosyWall Insulation has been installed in New Zealand homes since 2002. We are the leading experts in retrofitting dry fiber wall insulation in New Zealand.

Over the last 18 years, we’ve continually worked to develop and improve our systems and processes and have worked to develop cutting edge technology which improves the efficiency and delivery of our service.

While many homes have ceiling and underfloor insulation, we find wall insulation has generally not been installed or overlooked. This means that for most older NZ homes, heat escapes through the walls making the home difficult to heat, and often leading to other health issues.

The benefits of having CosyWall insulation installed is that it completes the thermal envelope, making your house warmer, dryer and a much nicer place to live.

Will wall insulation really make a difference to my home?

Having CosyWall Insulation installed in your home will change your life. Wall Insulation fundamentally changes the feel of your home. You’ll notice how quickly your home warms up in the winter, how cool it stays during the summer.

Additionally, wall insulation has acoustic properties which usually means the house will be a lot quieter overall. You’ll probably notice a decrease in exterior sounds like road noise and those neighbours that like to party every Saturday night.

Installing CosyWall insulation will make your home feel great, and you’ll love living in it even more! Talk to the team today to find out how you can have CosyWall insulation installed.

What is Codemark certification?

CosyWall insulation has Codemark certification and what this means is that we’ve been through all the steps involved in proving to the government that our CosyWall System complies with the building code.

Codemark certification helps provide you peace of mind that when you choose CosyWall Insulation, it is a durable, long-lasting product that will be installed by qualified experts. The system is continually reviewed through regular auditing and testing procedure,s giving you the reassurance that the installation will be done to the highest quality standards.

What are your insulation responsibilities as a landlord?

As a landlord, you have a legal responsibility to your tenants to provide them an insulated home. Your obligated to provide a minimal standard of underfloor and ceiling insulation but landlords are often introducing wall insulation as well.

It increases the value of your home as well as the comfort level of your tenants.

There are several different places you can go to learn more about your responsibilities as a landlord including:

The tenancy website (
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority website (
The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (

Does CosyWall really work?

We’ve been installing CosyWall in New Zealand homes since 2002 and over that time we have continually been developing our systems. We have several pathways to compliance including Codemark certification, full internal auditing systems and a significant history of use on various New Zealand homes over the past 18 years.

We’ve proven time and time again that having CosyWall Insulation installed will create beautiful warm living environment and a much healthier home for your family.

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How Does CosyWall Insulation work?

The simplest way to describe how CosyWall insulation works is by using the example of a chilly bin effect.

Typically in a home, you have a lid (the roof insulation). and a base (the floor insulation) and all your homes heat passes out through the walls. CosyWall insulation completes your home’s thermal envelope by adding a barrier to the walls of your home, allowing your home to retain its heat.

How can you tell if my homes not properly insulated?

If you’re living in rented accommodation and you’re seeing signs of moisture of mould then you might have an insulation issue.

Typically if there are areas that are missed with insulation, whether it’s the ceiling, underfloor or walls, you’ll see a presence of some form of mould or condensation building up. It becomes quite obvious in bathrooms, behind furniture in your living room and in the back of wardrobes.

If you are seeing these types of problems then you should have a chat to your landlord and point them in the direction of CosyWall. We can work with your landlord to do a home assessment and see what needs sorting out.

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