The Installation Process

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Preparing the walls

Insulation is blown into your home through small holes drilled into your wall cavity. In order to prepare your walls for insulation, we go around the interior or exterior of your house and create access points to install the insulation.

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Filling the walls

Using specialised equipment, we then blow CosyWall Insulation into the walls of your house.

CosyWall is blown in at such a high density that it’s never going to shrink or slump inside your walls.The product is not going to deteriorate over time, and once it’s in your walls, it’s there to stay. It will continue performing day in, day out and will never cost you a cent to run.

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Once CosyWall has been blown into your walls, we will go around and seal all the holes with a special compound that ensures your house will remain weathertight.

Ensuring your home remains weathertight once we finish is one of the key factors to ensure we comply with Government regulations. You can rest assured that we take our responsibilities here seriously.

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Finishing Touches

The final step in our installation process is to ensure that we leave your home the way we found it. We'll make sure we repaint or touch up any areas of the home to ensure that when we leave the property, the only evidence you'll have that we were ever there is the warm and comfortable environment you'll now be able to enjoy.

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