CosyWall™ insulation (CWI) is a full external wall cavity insulation system (EWCIS) for providing thermal insulation to wall cavities lined on both sides. The system includes an assessment of building suitability, licensed installation of water-resistant glass wool insulation and durable external cladding repair.

The insulation is manufactured in selected plants by melting and spinning a blend of inert, natural minerals. It is non-combustible, water-resistant, breathable, won’t settle or shrink and has a trouble-free history of insulating New Zealand external wall cavities since 2002. CosyWall™ is packed in plastic weather tight


CosyWall™ is designed to provide effective thermal insulation for external timber framed wall cavities constructed before 1990, with suitably fixed internal linings and external weatherboard, fibre cement, plywood, stucco or brick claddings. It is unsuitable for wall cavities with poorly fixed linings.


CosyWall Technical Specifications

If you're after more technical information about CosyWall Insulation download this Technical Data Guide.

Codemark Certification

Here's the details on the CosyWall Insulation CodeMark certification.

CosyWall Installation Manual

CosyWall Installation Procedures Manual is the guide for how to install CosyWall Insulation into New Zealand homes.

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