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Why insulate your walls?

Many Kiwi’s live in older New Zealand homes and traditionally, home construction quality wasn’t amazing. This meant that walls were often left uninsulated leaving homes that were difficult to heat in the winter and cool in the summer.
The symptoms of an uninsulated home are very noticeable. The winter often leaves you with cold damp walls and condensation on the windows while in summertime, homes are often unbearably hot and humid providing little relief from open windows.
Insulating your walls is probably one of the best things you can do to solve these issues. Keep scrolling to understand the benefits of wall insulation.

Wall Insulation can reduce noise transfer between walls.

Most of us have experienced issues living in a noisy home. From neighbours having parties to a family member watching TV, noise transfer between walls can make it difficult to sleep or just find some peace and quiet.
Insulating your walls is a big part of solving how noise transfers between walls. CosyWall Insulation has acoustic properties which help reduce how much noise can penetrate through your walls. While it’s not the only answer to creating a soundproof home, it’s effects will be immediately noticed and will help you better control the noise transfer in your home.

Insulating your walls helps you control your inside temperature.

Living in a home without wall insulation means that there’s a gap in your home’s thermal envelope. This means that any effort you put into heating and cooling your home is easily lost through the walls. The result is a home that can be difficult and costly to heat and cool.

In some older homes where the main source of heating is a fireplace, we often see that a fire provides limited heating in a main living room but has little effect on the wider house.

Insulating your walls helps to seal your home’s thermal envelope which helps to retain your homes heat, creating a living environment where the temperature is much easier to control.

Wall Insulation can help lower your energy bills.

Inflation is something everyone is dealing with at the moment, and you often notice it in the cost of living first.

Wall Insulation is a great long-term investment that you will find pays for itself over time. By insulating your walls you’ll help to seal your homes thermal envelope, and this helps retain your heating and cooling efforts inside the hope.

Adding CosyWall Insulation to your walls helps to create an energy efficient home that becomes much easier to heat in the winter and cool in the summer.

Fix the cause of your home heating and cooling issues.

We often find customers start rushing out to buy heat pumps or heaters when the temperature starts to drop. While this may help warm up your home, it doesn’t fix the underlying problem.

If you’re home has a break in it’s thermal envelope due to lack of wall insulation, all the effort put into heating your home is quickly lost through the walls.

Insulating your walls fixes the root of the issue, meaning it’s going to take far less energy to heat and cool the house. It also means whatever effort you put into heating and cooling is retained for much longer.

Why choose CosyWall Insulation?

Creates a healthier and safer home environment.

High performance insulation for NZ homes.

Codemark certified with 50 year guarantee.

Save on your monthly electricity bill.

Plus our nationwide installer network has you covered across New Zealand.

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